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Oludeniz Beach Campground

Where are Oludeniz Camping Areas? Paid and Free Camping Areas

Oludeniz awaits you campers with its unique nature and beauty. Get your backpack, do not need to pay the world money to hotels. As an amateur camper, I will make suggestions to you about Ölüdeniz Camping areas.

Oludeniz Tent Places to Install

Unfortunately, there is no space reserved for campers in the center of Ölüdeniz, and there are no businesses that provide space for campers. So we’re going to bring the whole camp for free, how cool is that? ? Where are Ölüdeniz Camping areas ?

This article has been translated into English using google translate from Turkish language.

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Oludeniz Beach Camping Area

Friends Ölüdeniz There is a suitable area for camping on the east side of Belcekız beach. This is a free place. Normally it is forbidden to set up a tent here, but hundreds of campers build tents here every year. If you collect your tent when you get up in the morning and open it for sleeping in the evening, it will not be a problem. The only area of ​​Belcekız beach suitable for camping is on the east side, I will mark its exact location on the maps. The advantages of camping here It is a great convenience to be in the heart of Oludeniz, to have a shower and wc and to find a market. There are no wild animals.

Oludeniz Beach Campground

Places to Set up a Lycian Way Tent (Montana Hill)

Oludeniz Beach does not suit me, if you want “do not disturb me”, you can camp at the starting point of the Lycian Way against the landscape of Ölüdeniz. Since this is a forest, you can determine many points. The disadvantages of camping here, you be away from the market. Do your shopping and go ready. It will take a minimum of half an hour to get to Ölüdeniz in case of a need. Since you are in the forest, pigs may come to your visit, but don’t be afraid, our pigs are docile, harmless ? sit together and have dinner. If you say I don’t share my food, a stone will go. Don’t panic and jump down because paragliding requires training. Anyway, we distributed the subject, you may want to eliminate it after my last sentences, but I would like you to look at the view before deciding on it.

But how ? I think it’s wonderful! This is the starting point of the historical Lycian Way. Because of a nearby hotel, its name is also known as the Montana Hill. There is a mountain road to the point where the photo was taken. The road ends at this point. In other words, if you have a vehicle, you can go up and down to Ölüdeniz in 10 minutes, but if you are a backpacker, the real camper is a backpacker ? this is half an hour’s walk from the Dead Sea. So how do we get here, what is the point on the map?

Kabak Bay Camping Area and Prices

If you do not sleep in your head in Ölüdeniz, there are camping areas on Kabak Beach. Since it is a camping area, shower, wc, electricity, tent rental services are provided. Of course, this has a price. Since there are multiple camp businesses in the region, average prices start from 60 TL per day. Kabak Bay is an indispensable camping area for the enthusiasts. Here you can spend an isolated camp away from anyone, as if you were on the island. I can say that it is not very suitable for families. Visitors of Kabak bay consist of young people. The reason for this is that I can not write clearly and clearly, but the joys know well. ?

How Do I Go To Pumpkin Sheep? Kabak Beach Transportation

It is possible to go to Kabak beach with minibuses departing from Ölüdeniz. I do not remember the full prices, but small numbers. It is located approximately 7-8km from the Dead Sea. The minibuses going to Kabak Bay are downloading you in the village. You have to walk 15-20 minutes to get to the beach or there are minibuses that go down to the beach from the village. Let’s continue with squares from Kabak Bay.

Oludeniz Beach Campground

Butterfly Valley Camping Area

It is possible to camp in the world-famous butterfly valley (butterfly valley). These businesses offer tents, if you do not have showers, markets, electricity and tents. Here, camping fees are between 80-120 TL per day.

Butterfly Valley Transportation

You can reach Butterfly Valley in 2 ways. Going down the path from the first village of Faralya to the valley. I can say that it is extremely dangerous, there were many injured and lost their lives during the landing. Forbidding of landing was talked about once, but not forbidden. There are very steep rocks during the descent down the hill, there are ropes tied to them. You get off by clinging to the ropes at a few points ? How but? This is adventure. There is a more enjoyable method if you say that I can not get off, there are butterflies valley boats departing from Ölüdeniz every hour. It is also possible to go to the valley and take a day trip by boat.

Yes, friends, there are Oludeniz Campgrounds where you can camp in the Ölüdeniz region. Apart from that, you can also explore Kıdrak Beach, Aksazlar camping and fethiye karagözler areas in Fethiye.

If you are going to Fethiye, you can make a reservation by clicking the links if you want to do Oludeniz Boat Tour or if you want to do Fethiye Paragliding. Or you can visit us at Easy Riders, located next to Ölüdeniz minibus stops. We can inform you about both the camp and our activities.

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